Fritter, Schulz and Zollinger Physical & Occupational Therapy

Running Mechanics Evaluation

At Fritter, Schulz & Zollinger a running evaluation is performed by a physical therapist that has advanced training and knowledge in identifying and correcting mechanical faults in your running style and body mechanics.

Biochemical assessments are used in combination with a musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues. During your individualized session, a physical therapist will review your history and running program, complete a brief physical examination, and videotape your running and walking mechanics. Your video will then be reviewed with you followed by a discussion of potential performance faults and injury-causing problems. Once your motion has been analyzed, the therapist may provide you with shoe recommendations and/or inserts, offer training suggestions and instruct you on corrective drills chosen to specifically meet your individual needs.

Return to running guidelines and progression, flexibility and stretching exercises, injury management strategies, and strength and conditioning instructions may also be discussed during your session. Follow-up evaluation of shoe recommendations and the effects of exercise prescription on running mechanics are completed as well, based on patient preference.

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