Fritter, Schulz and Zollinger Physical & Occupational Therapy


Fritter, Schulz & Zollinger/Fritter, Schulz & Conlan Physical and Occupational Therapy has contracts with over 125 insurance providers. We accept Medicare, most Workers’ Comp claims and self-payments also.

We also have additional insurance plans available to us through our outpatient contract with Saint Louise Regional Hospital.

Please call us to see if we have a contract with your insurance company.

Private Insurance:


As a courtesy to our patients, we will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits prior to or right after your first appointment. Should there be a discrepancy on benefit details, we encourage our patients to also contact their insurance company to know what their covered and non-covered benefits are.

  • Medicare
  • Blue Shield/Anthem Blue Cross
  • Automobile Insurance

Patient’s responsibilities include:

  • Current medical prescription for treatment
  • Payments of Deductible
  • Co-payments/ Co-Insurance per visit