Fritter, Schulz and Zollinger Physical & Occupational Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Our Gilroy facility offers patients the largest heated (92 degrees) indoor orthopedic pool in the South Santa Clara valley.

Aquatic Therapy
Supervised Therapeutic exercise for patients with orthopedic and industrial spine and extremity injuries, arthritis and neurological deficits. Goals include flexibility, strength, trunk control, coordination and gait training.

Independent Pool Therapy
Exercise programs designed for patients who have previously completed a course of supervised aquatic therapy and are able to exercise in the pool with out the supervision of a therapist. 

Aquatic Community Classes
We offer Low Impact and regular Water Aerobics classes that are community based. These classes do not require a physical therapy referral but do require a doctor release. Please call us for details.

Level I - Flex Class-Low Impact
This class is designed for people suffering from arthritis or other conditions which limit mobility and muscle tone.

Level II - Water Aerobic Classes
These classes are for those interested in water exercise for cardiovascular fitness and general strengthening.